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Tips on how to write a book review​​​​

​If you are not sure how to write a review, these ideas may help get you started.

  • Choose a book, it does not have to be your favourite.
  • Read the book, just before you write your review.
  • Then answer the questions.
    • The name of the book I read is...
      Copy the title of the book from the cover. Check that you have every word.
    • It was written by...
      Copy the name of the author from the cover. Check the spelling. If there is an illustrator, you can add "and illustrated by" then write the name.
    • My name is...
      Your name
    • My review is for...
      You can choose a team if you would like.
    • This book is...
      Think of describing words. Is it scary? cool? interesting? sad?
    • In my words, this book is about...
      Tell us something about them, and what they do in the story.
    • I think the best thing about the book is...
      Tell us what you think the best thing about the book was.
    • Rating
      Select a rating out of 5.
  • Read your review out loud, does it make sense?
  • Fix any mistakes and make changes if you need to.

Happy reading and reviewing!

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